About Us

COMPLIANCE is a State and City certified WBE Business (Indiana and Indianapolis).

COMPLIANCE is comprised of three divisions: Safety, Products and Security.


COMPLIANCE has the vision and knowledge to provide high-quality safety and risk management services with the goal of helping organizations build a sustainable safety culture. We understand the moral and financial obligations companies face every day to secure a healthy workforce, while protecting the bottom line. Our team provides cost effective and result orientated solutions.

COMPLIANCE%u2019s team members are comprised of top-level experts in the safety industry. It is our goal to unify companies, personnel and the best safety practices and procedures to develop and implement a successful Project Safety Program. We build relationships with our clients and personnel by providing the most current, accurate and innovative solutions. We promote a team atmosphere and provide coaching and mentoring with all levels of personnel. This team approach allows your company to achieve a safe project. We believe it is vital to develop a safety partnership between your organization%u2019s leadership and employees. This relies on input from hourly employees and staff to harness their ownership of, and commitment to, the execution of your safety strategy.

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COMPLIANCE%u2019s sales team works closely with you to ensure that specific product needs are met. COMPLIANCE%u2019s online catalog is uniquely designed per client to encompass what is used daily on their jobs. This allows pre-approved individuals the ability to quickly fulfill their needs while spending a minute amount of time navigating our store.

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